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3 Step Guide To Content | Simplemachine

The visual quality of your online content matters just as much as the meaning of the information presented to your audience. Present insightful information in an artful manner and your audience will be that much more likely to engage with it, patronize your business and ultimately add to your company’s bottom line. The question begs: exactly how should business owners, managers, and marketers go about presenting content in a visually-appealing manner? Keep reading to find out.

The Prudent use of Color

It is a grave mistake to use plain black text against an all-white backdrop for the entirety of your company’s online content. This is not to say all of your online content should feature an array of colors. Rather, the careful use of color will inspire your audience to engage with your content. Mix in some carefully-chosen colors strategically and you will maximize the amount of time online visitors spend looking at your homepage content, blog posts, social media posts, service pages and beyond. This is not to say you have to invest hours performing extensive research to pinpoint the optimal color for the backdrop of a blog post or the hue of an infographic. Rely on Simplemachine to help you present your web content with visual pizzazz and you will rest easy knowing the presentation of your online information truly engages your target audience.

We sweat all the small stuff from base colors to accent hues and beyond. Color and style choices make a massive impact on how your business is portrayed and whether your content reflects a truly cohesive overarching branding strategy. Let Simplemachine spearhead your online marketing push and our presentation of information will lead to more engaged customers along with a reduction in your bounce rate. From color selection to the strategic use of shapes and other seemingly subtle details, we have all the nuances of online content marketing down to a science.

Use Images in Combination With Text

A wall of text or even a series of paragraphs lacking accompanying images, infographics or videos will disengage your target audience. Even if your customers tend to be well-educated with long attention spans, they do not want to read ten straight paragraphs of plain black text. Embed video or images into your online text and your audience really will be that much more engaged. Even the addition of an infographic will help maintain audience engagement or at least inspire them to keep scrolling through the content until they reach the all-important call-to-action.

There is no shame in admitting you are uncertain as to what the best approach is to combine text and images for maximum audience engagement. Let the inbound marketing gurus at Simplemachine embrace this challenge on your behalf, and we will ensure the text and images used in your online content reinforce one another to perfection. Even if you are not fond of the idea of strategically inserting images, infographics, videos, and color into your online content, shortening lengthy paragraphs or adding bold headers will certainly help maintain the audience’s attention.

Sweat the Small Stuff: Text Font and Size Matter a Great Deal

The bulk of online marketing is centered on presenting informative and engaging content with style. It is not enough to merely present captivating articles, blog entries, editorials, and service pages; this information must be displayed in a manner that pulls in onlookers and retains their attention to the call-to-action. Something as seemingly minor as the font of your website’s text really does have the potential to convert a prospect into a loyal, paying customer who patronizes your business for years or even decades to come. Even if you rely on a plain font for the body of your online content, the use of a visually-striking font for titles or subheadings might be enough to keep the audience interested until they reach the call-to-action endpoint.

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