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Google AdWords, arguably the biggest PPC platform out there, is a strategy that almost every digital marketer will consider at some point. In fact, according to Search Engine Land, AdWords is currently used by more than half of digital marketers, a testament to the faith businesses have in the platform.

So, the question is – should you jump on the bandwagon? Should you use Google AdWords, too?

To help you arrive at an informed decision, here are five ways that Google AdWords can benefit your business.

AdWords Increases Brand Awareness

In digital marketing, you want people to remember your brand and products at all times for as long as possible. Google AdWords can help with that. To verify this, Google partnered with Ipsos to determine whether people who interact with their ads remember the ads days after the first interaction. It was found that Google ads increase top-of-the-mind awareness by as much as 6.6%. Brand awareness is important because you want to encourage people to search your business by name on search engines – what is known as direct searching. Direct searches improve SEO ranking and typically generate the highest conversions.

It Taps into a Huge, High-Quality Traffic Source

More than 60% of internet users begin their journeys on Google, translating to a mammoth 3.5 billion plus searches daily. That’s a huge number whichever way you look at it. Google AdWords allows you to tap into all that traffic. What’s better is that the search engine has refined its algorithms so that your ads will only appear for the most relevant searches. If you’re in car repair, your ads will only appear for “car repair” searches. Since these are people already interested in your offers, you stand a great chance of making a conversion.

It Is an Excellent Remarketing Strategy

The truth is that people don’t always make a purchase on the first visit. Sometimes, visitors just stop at your site to get the feel of it and see whether you have the products they may need in the future. In some cases, they may be comparing prices. As a marketer, you need to find ways to remain on top of these people’s minds. Google AdWords excellently does this. By constantly showing your ads to past site visitors, you’re making yourself an option whenever these consumers decide to make a purchase. The great news is that you can set up remarketing campaigns on both the Google search network and Google display network.

It Is a Great Option if You Need a Measurable Strategy

A major concern with most marketing strategies is that they are either very difficult to measure or not measurable at all. The impact of traditional marketing channels, such as TV and newspaper ads, for instance, cannot be accurately measured, and digital strategies, such as content marketing, take a lot of effort to measure. AdWords, on the other hand, is straightforward and easy to measure. Everything, from number of impressions to gross profits, can be tracked without breaking a sweat.

You’re Guaranteed a Decent Return on Investment (ROI)

The current ROI of AdWords is $2 for every $1 spent. Compared to other strategies, that’s a huge number. What makes the returns even sweeter is the fact that you don’t need to spend big with AdWords. You can start with as little as a few hundred dollars, and grow your campaign from there.

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