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The progress of any town or city lies in the success of small businesses, which account for 99.9% of America’s private sector. This means that small businesses are the anchor of the economy and help make each community unique. Bentonville, Arkansas is a richer and more colorful community because of the businesses that comprise the landscape. Walmart paved the way for numerous other companies that have been successful in the area through Arkansas marketing. In addition to helping the area create a business-friendly environment, Walmart has invested heavily in local infrastructure and beautification to make the area a more desirable place to live.

Before moving to or starting your business in Bentonville, Arkansas, it’s important to understand how you can use Simplemachine for your Arkansas company to have business success in the area.

Factors for Business Success

Like anywhere, there are many key Arkansas marketing factors to running a successful business in Bentonville, AR. These include:

Create a Local Network

Becoming involved in the community is not only an excellent Arkansas marketing technique but it also helps build valuable connections that could benefit your company in the future. This includes advice from those within the government or industry. Also, having a local network allows you to build alliances that will grow your business and ensure future success.

Develop Local Content

With a population of over 525,000 people, the Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers-Bentonville region is the 22nd fastest growing area in the United States. That means a lot of individuals and families continue to move to the area to build a career and have a better quality of life. As a key component to the success of your Arkansas Marketing strategy, you must develop local content that appeals to the community. While you may not have time to do this since you’re focused on the rest of your business, this is a task that can be outsourced to multiple content creation and Arkansas marketing companies.

Google AdWords

When Google launched AdWords in the early 2000s, the advertisements were naturally rudimentary since the concept was new. Fast-forward two decades and you have a variety of formats and features that can improve your company’s visibility. Google AdWords and the next point, Google My Business (GMB), are interrelated as they can both be used for local searches. Google has recently added two powerful extensions for local Arkansas marketing: display local extensions and promotion extensions.

Display location extensions help advertisers display their business location within pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Users who see those ads can click on your business to receive directions to the store, which helps drive foot traffic. In addition to making it easy to find your store, one-click directions could tempt new customers to visit your business, even if a competitor is closer.

Promotion extensions allow advertisers to display time-sensitive promotions and offers to their PPC ads. You can use this extension when targeting branded terms or high-commercial intent keywords for your local or online products.

Google My Business Listing 

Obviously for your local business to be successful, you must have customers. This can be accomplished by creating and executing the GMB profile as part of your Arkansas marketing strategy that focuses on the local community. This excellent tool focuses on drawing new customers into your store with a descriptive profile, multiple photos, and excellent reviews. A well-written GMB profile will show your company’s information in search results and on Google Maps so it can receive double the attention.

Hire the Right Talent

To ensure success, you must staff talented employees within your workforce. They must be creative and productive to help grow your business. During the recruiting process, make sure to cater to the best talent at job fairs, local colleges and universities, and through LinkedIn and job forum postings. The Bentonville area has drawn some of the brightest minds in the United States. The beautification of the region has made it a desirable and dynamic place to live for recent graduates while maintaining a family-friendly spirit.

Social Media Management

Having a strong presence on social media is as important today as ever. With billions of individuals using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tik Tok, there is a high probability that those in the local Northwest Arkansas are among them. Therefore, part of the success of your Arkansas marketing strategy is from social media. This means creating business pages at several of the above options and updating them regularly with engaging content. When creating each page on your website, you must also have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter links. Video content can be used on your website and reposted on each of these popular social media channels.

Test Local Ads

Local search ads were introduced by Google in 2019 to develop Google Maps as an advertising platform. These ads can appear on Google Maps within web and app searches, and Expanded Maps. Therefore, as part of the Google AdWords portion of your Arkansas marketing strategy, it’s important to test local ads to see what ranks well and what does not. The goal is to make your business as easy to find as possible using organic results, PPC ads, from your website, or through a Google Maps search.

Utilize Positive Customer Reviews

In addition to word-of-mouth recommendations, positive online reviews, which are a form of social proof of happiness, can be the most persuasive factors when promoting your business to the local Northwest Arkansas market. Review sites like Yelp allow customers to vent or (hopefully) gush about how exceptional your business is, so you must use this to your advantage. The positivity surrounding your business is essential to business success. Why not post these wonderful reviews on social media?

Many businesses leverage this technique as part of their Arkansas marketing strategy with great success, especially on Facebook. If a customer leaves you an amazing message about how much they love your products or how great the experience was then engage them and gain exposure by promoting this wonderful feedback. Incorporating customer reviews into your Arkansas Marketing strategy is crucial.

Operating a business in the Bentonville area is much like running a business in any town or city, with the difference being that there are vast resources and networking opportunities for startups. In any case, business success still requires research, dedication, preparedness, and using the right marketing company like Simplemachine.

For further assistance on navigating through the Northwest Arkansas marketing waters and becoming a presence in the area, contact Simplemachine today! The professionals at Simplemachine can help you create or improve and execute your Arkansas marketing strategy to have business success in the area!


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