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Online businesses need aggressive online marketing campaigns to cut through the noise. Considering that nearly 80% of small businesses in the U.S. have an online presence, you will be competing against millions of other businesses. Within your industry, in your location (city, town, etc), you could be competing dozens of other small businesses who might be targeting exactly the same customers. You need your online marketing services to stand out if you are to rise above this competition.

Simplemachine can help with every step of this! We can help you differentiate yourself from the competition so that new visitors and returning customers can find you with greater ease. We can also help you optimize your campaigns to attract more traffic, convert more leads, and close more sales.

We accomplish this through the following services;

  • Web Design

We have always stressed the need for a functional, business website. There is a difference between an ordinary website and a business website. For starters, a business website must look very professional, otherwise you’ll miss out on sales. A business website much also be clean, fast loading, and easy to navigate. Above all, it must be mobile friendly.

At Simplemachine, we will start by assessing your site to determine if it’s optimized. If not, we can redesign it, or even build you a brand new website for your business.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing can be challenging, as you can sometimes spend thousands of dollars creating articles and videos that do nothing for your business. What makes content campaigns even more confusing is the difficulty in measuring the ROI of content. Online marketing services need to be able to provide targeted, high quality content in order to bring customers to your business.

Simplemachine can take that burden off your shoulders. We have a highly trained team with extensive experience in content marketing. Just give us the job and watch as the content works magic for your company.

  • SEO

In addition to content marketing, we also provide Search Engine Optimization services. Are you struggling to rank favorably in Google search results? Is your website appearing on the third page for your primary keyword? This can have a severe impact on your business because only about 10% of Google users ever search past the first page.

Simplemachine can turn around your fortunes and help you climb to the top of search engine results within months. This often results in greater visibility, increased traffic, and of course, more sales!

  • Social Media Marketing

We can no longer ignore the significance of social media in today’s business environment. Social networks have become ripe sources of leads. Today, you can even close sales right within platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Therefore, small business should take social media marketing very seriously.

If you’re wondering where to start, Simplemachine can help. Our many years providing online marketing services have equipped us with both the knowledge and skill to create and run high-ROI social media campaigns.

  • Google AdWords & Graphic Design

We also offer Google AdWords management and graphics design. The AdWords management program is ideal for business owners who want to improve their returns from ad campaigns. We believe that by starting small and running a lean campaign, you can get very good returns from your ads.

Graphics design services are meant for businesses that need branding or re-branding. We create awesome brand logos that will stick to the minds of your customers.

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