How to Grow your Arkansas Business Using Managed SEO Services

Bentonville, Arkansas

Your Arkansas business can see significant growth, and a bigger bottom line, by utilizing a company that provides digital marketing services in Bentonville, AR. One of the main features of digital marketing is a managed search engine optimization (SEO) service, which can help you get your website to the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches.

How SEO Works

Search engines use algorithms to determine what order websites should be ranked when someone searches for a specific term. Generally, the top result is the one the search engine thinks will be the most relevant to the user’s search query. Other websites are listed in descending order, depending on their relevancy score to the query as well.

Why SEO is Important

The top result on a search engine ranking page (SERP) will bring in the most traffic when compared to the individual results further down the page. In general, the top result will receive between 20-30% of the website clicks, while each result the lower you go will get fewer. Therefore, it’s extremely important to make your site relevant to what people are looking for, both in content, and in how “authorative” the search engines believe your website to be. An extremely authorative website example would be, which is highly trusted, and updated constantly.

What can be Done to Improve SEO

Keeping your website updated with new content is the easiest way to work on your search engine optimization. This shows search engines that your site probably does not have outdated information on it, since it would have been taken down once it was no longer useful. Increasing the number of quality links that point to your website will also have a positive effect on your SERPs, but there is a delicate balance in the search engine’s eyes as to what constitutes legitimate links, and what looks like spam. This is why it might be a good idea to let the professionals handle your website’s SEO needs.

If you’re interested in digital marketing services in Bentonville, and would like to see more visitors and revenue coming from your website, give use a call or get in contact with us here.

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