Misconception of Blogging | SEO | Simplemachine

Misconception of Blogging | SEO | Simplemachine

People have the wrong idea and harbor misconceptions about blogging. Very few use blogs to do content marketing when it is the new frontier. Content creation and marketing closes you more deals with its potential of increasing the visibility and traffic to your website. Content marketing also creates and expands your brand awareness by earning you closing leads by ranking you on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

How creating and marketing content on your website helps you rank well in Google SERPs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you use keywords, meta-descriptions, title tags, and images to rank top on SERPs like Google. To achieve this, use competitive keywords to create unique and fresh content every time. Be consistent, and you will rank higher. The result is that you will build customer trust, earn yourself a stellar reputation of being reliable and make bigger profits. Below are tips on how to make it happen:

  1. Keep your Keyword game on A mode

Content is all but words. Mark the words that best improve your virtual visibility. Do a keyword research. Determine the best-seller words in your industry and do not use them sparingly. You need to know what your audience is searching for, best discernible in what they type in when searching for products – including those made by yourself. This means that you will most probably have to keep constantly updating your list of keywords. The keywords you use in your website’s content greatly affect search engines’ ranking of your content.


  1. Keep a Simple and easy navigate Website Landscape and Architecture.

How you plan the layout of your website matters. The way algorithms and visitors to your website find it hard to find information on your pages is the same way they will find it hard to get you from amongst the top pages of search engine pages. The search engines (including Google) first need to comprehend what your site entails to evaluate whether your data is important for ranking. The best-structured websites rank highest, exactly why users immediately back out of unresponsive pages or those with complex designs that take too long to load.


  1. Strategically (inter)link your content. 

Linking your content both internally and externally helps your content compete in the top ranks. The trick is in making a hierarchy of priorities on how you link. Your most important pages should get a higher link value. Sharp SEO skills use keywords inside the links that include links that search engines will use to rank your content and find your pages and blog post articles. You should also check to verify that all your links are working.


  1. Remove obsolete data, duplicates, and upgrade continuously.

This primarily strengthens the structure of your website. Beware that SERPs cannot display the same data sets twice; therefore, avoid duplicity as it only serves to waste your efforts and time. Try to make your data as unique as possible to rank top on SERPs. Be sure to delete the old information from your website that you no longer need. Ensure you always upgrade your pages using video optimization technologies to load your pages as fast as possible. This way, you will rank high on SERPs.


  1. Be Consistent in your brand message.

The essence of branding in marketing cannot be gainsaid and is express as the fact that customers are more likely to buy from a well-known brand because keeping a consistent content and brand message. Consistency grows trust in your customers, breeds loyalty, referrals, and growth for you. Consistency in branding also distinguishes you from your competition and, most importantly, helps your clients find you more easily.

 Good Content Calls Clients to Action

Your tribulations begin when you cannot create content that will always make returns on your investment. Create high-quality content that keeps new clients calling in. Content is now no longer a representation of data.

Content creation is now the business of monetizing data through ranking on search engines. Simplemachine is that partner you have been looking for. If you want content created that allows you to communicate, rank yourself, and generate closing leads then look no further.


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