Markets Served

Here at Simplemachine, we work with the following industries every single day, which allows us to create and execute high-impact Internet marketing campaigns to generate high-quality sales leads.

Our proven success in these markets, coupled with our industry-specific knowledge and resources in the markets listed below, sets us apart from the other Internet marketing companies out there.


Simplemachine is an Internet marketing company with experience marketing to fleet managers, vehicle buyers, trucking companies and other customers up and down the automotive supply chain.


Marketing for industrial companies is a complex process that uses various online and offline tactics to attract leads, shorten sales cycles, and nurture business-to-business relationships.

Retail Services

Whether it’s a downtown boutique, a shopping mall chain store, a big box retailer or an online retailer, every business that sells products to consumers knows the challenge of constantly needing to pull in sales.

Home & Real Estate

The real estate field is one in which you need to stand out, or you will easily be swallowed up by the competition. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate agent or someone new to the field, Internet marketing has changed the marketplace — making it essential to jump on board the online marketing platform to make yourself known. Simplemachine has you covered in home services and real estate services.

Health & Wellness

If you are looking to grow your medical practice or attract more patients to your health clinic or hospital, you’ll need to create a medical and health marketing strategy that fits your goals and your budget. Simplemachine can help!


The U.S. construction industry is poised for growth. Let Simplemachine help take your construction business to the next level!

Legal & Financial

When it comes to trusting a firm with their hard-earned money, individuals are quite choosy. How can you ensure that you are the company they see — not your competition — all while instilling a sense of trust in what you offer?

Business to Business

B2B – The business services sector is fiercely competitive. Are your Internet marketing campaigns and website keeping pace? Simplemachine is B2B, let us help your business grow!

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